Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is creating a buzz in the information security industry. Threat intelligence has become an essential aspect of any organization’s security program. The sharing of that threat intelligence to further enhance and gain value from it will increasingly become the norm.

The sharing of threat intelligence should ultimately lead to tactical actions that help organizations further protect their users and infrastructure. For example, providing additional context on an indicator that has been brought to a user’s attention, whether from a security tool or another user, helps the user make a decision on how to further use that information. Extending this to action naturally helps organizations make better and quicker decisions.

IT security teams don’t have the time or manpower to do external threat intelligence-gathering themselves. So new platforms and services are being created to take advantage of the burgeoning cybersecurity industry. Dell SecureWorks provides managed security services (MSS) designed to prevent, detect and respond to threats. AlienVault Unified Security Management™ provides continuous updates to the threat intelligence integrated into their USM platform. Webroot BrightCloud® Security Services is a self-learning network that continuously scans the internet. Data is captured through millions of sensors and threats.

Security managers need accurate, timely and detailed information to continuously monitor new and evolving attacks. Concurrent computer network defense contains a strong element of intelligence and counterintelligence that analysts and managers alike must understand and leverage.