Sixty four percent of American adults owns a smartphone, according to Pew Internet Project’s Research. Many Americans depend on their phones for internet access. 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, emails and phone calls – even when their phone does not ring or vibrate. We are so dependent of our mobile devices so much so that 44% of cell owners sleep with their phone next to their bed so that they don’t miss anything. The Pew report says, “29% of cell owners describe their cell phone a “something they can’ imaging living without.”

The breakdown of who is using cell phones is that 93% of men and 88% of women have cell phones. Ninety eight percent of 18-29 years have cells, for 30-49 year olds it’s 97%, for 50-64 it’s 88% and for 65+ it’s 74%.

Cisco study also took a look at Millennials waking relationships with their smartphones and found them inseparable. In fact the study uncovered a list of addictive phones stats: Millennials don’t just sleep with their smartphones. 75% use them in bed before going to sleep and 90% check them again first thing in the morning. Half use them while eating and third use them in the bathroom. A third check them every half hour. Another fifth check them every ten minutes. A quarter of them check them so frequently that they lose count.

Life Coach Diane Passage said that studies show that cell phone emissions disrupt sleep. “Sleep is vital for improving mood, physical health and more.Use an actual (good old-fashioned) alarm clock if you're using your phone as an alarm. Charge your phone overnight in a room where no one is sleeping.”