In 2015 capital markets firms will need to step up efforts to modernize their trading infrastructure across the trade life cycle. According to Deloitte Center for Financial Services, empowering traders with better decision tools and critical analytics is one key area. If traders get better information, they can facilitate quicker and more efficient workflow in back –office functions, which in turn goes a long way toward automating settlement and clearing functions.

To get an idea of some of these tools, we first take a look at Recognia, an industry leader in engaging and empowering global retail investors with actionable insights to make confident trading decisions. They recently announced the launch of Options Ideas, which applies its technical analysis with back tested strategies to the world of options trading. Options Ideas is supposed to bridge the gap between learning options strategies and applying them in the real-world, using real-time options trade opportunities and transparent scoring.

Binary Options platform provider SpotOption Ltd., just introduced a new feature, SpotFollow, which allows traders to follow top traders’ positions. Their latest feature allows operators to offer social trading on their websites. As creating a social environment is important for online operators, SpotFollow connects traders to each other by allowing them to view the top traders of the site and replicate their positions.

Then there is the VSA Smart Money Tracker Add-in for NinjaTrader. The TradeGuider Volume Spread Analysis add-in toolset plugs into the NinjaTrader platform. These tools enable traders to analyze price charts to detect high probability low risk trading opportunities using the Volume Spread Analysis methodology.

JFD Brokers said, “Knowledge is key. No individual can constantly keep up with and interpret uninterrupted flows of information coming from all around the world.” Their added-value services such as Institutional-Grade Market Research & Tools make MT4+ offering is one of the most comprehensive in the marketplace.

But the Financial Markets are difficult to access and investments decisions are not an exact science yet are increasingly complex. No individual can constantly keep up with and interpret uninterrupted flows of information coming from all around the world. That’s why it’s imperative that capital markets firms keep up with their modernization efforts so that real time processing is enabled, and manual involvement is only reserved to exception management.