Disruptive change is occurring across all technology domains, leaving Infrastructure teams with the choice of taking on substantial deployment risk or failing to meet business demands. From hosting to end-user computing, more than 50% of Infrastructure leaders anticipate moderate to high risks for the technologies they’re deploying this year.

CEB is a member-based advisory company that has a unique view into capitalizing on drivers of business performance. They equip over 21,000 senior leaders from more than 10,000 organizations across 110 countries with research, tools and services to set direction.

To improve confidence in capital markets technology plans, CEB created the Emerging Technology Roadmap to provide a real-world look at technologies being deployed by Infrastructure functions across the globe.

This technology roadmap for 2014-2017 benchmarks the adoption timelines, enterprise value, and deployment risk for 86 emerging technologies. The benchmark is based entirely on data from more than 390 IT professionals at leading companies and is not influenced by vendors. They are giving away a free Technology Roadmap for 2014-2017 at http://bit.ly/1dICBOU.