This month Verizon paid $4.4 billion to acquire AOL, and more specifically, forty five percent of the AOL Platforms Group. Sure Verizon needs the content, but the real jewel is AOL’s infrastructure. AOL’s total revenue comes from its advertising platforms that can push content to devices. The same goes for Bitcoin and its infrastructure -- the engine on which Bitcoin is built. Blockchain can be considered as a new kind of distributed consensus that rivals any known technology.

"Bitcoin is a token, a currency, but that's not all it is. That's the first of many applications of this Blockchain technology," said Jeff Garzik, one of five bitcoin core developers who have taken over maintenance of the technology from creator Satoshi Nakamotois. Basically, the cryptocurrency is not only a disruptive app, it’s just the very first app,

Blockchain can be used in a number of different ways. Companies are already looking into expanding this same technology that enables Bitcoin-the-currency to flow and transactions to be recorded. Other ways that Blockchain could be used is as an identity provider; a distributed database where you can log proofs of existence. We can expect new kinds of applications, because Bitcoin is good for transactions that are very small, very large, very fast, very international or much automated.

In addition, the full copy of the Blockchain has records of every Bitcoin transaction ever executed. It can provide insight about facts like how much value belonged a particular address at any point. Even Twitter has jumped aboard with a “Twitter-sourced” list. “It is an open/rough attempt to brainstorm what asset registries, keys or related items theoretically could be implemented in a Blockchain model,” said columnist Jon Evans. “They may or may not be good ideas to do in a Blockchain or might be good in certain circumstances or others, but that is not this exercise – this is a brainstorming exercise.”

Meanwhile Nasdaq stock exchange is utilizing this compelling transaction tech to create a more secure, efficient system to trade stocks. Nasdaq Private Market is a relatively small project for Nasdaq, so any changes there aren’t wide-ranging. At the same time, the experiment is the latest example of large financial firms exploring the use of the technology. This helps illustrate the fact that the financial sector in general has expressed an interest in Bitcoin and its technology.

Goldman Sachs is confident that this will be the next big thing – it is the first major bank to make a significant investment in a Bitcoin-focused company. Even if Bitcoin fails as a currency, the community believes that the Blockchain technology behind it could be applied in finance and beyond to other far-reaching fields.

The New York Stock Exchange, banks and VCs have jumped on the band wagon by investing $106 million in the startup Coinbase Inc. The founders of the firm said its exchange will offer greater security for individuals and institutions to trade Bitcoin and monitor real-time pricing of the cryptocurrency.