One of the latest investments and partnerships FinTech Studios made recently is a new software startup called iUbble that was started a couple years ago by a computer engineering masters degree student and computer science professor at Steven Institute of Technology, a leading science and engineering university across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

Given the huge growth of the Internet globally, with 6+ billion global users accessing the Internet via some type of browser, iUbble fundamentally believes the current browsers are not good at solving the core purpose of a browser - discover, organize and share content with the people you are connected to online.

Today's browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari) all do a reasonable job at "discovery", primarily using a search engine like Google to find relevant websites), but do a TERRIBLE job of organizing (via tabs and bookmarks), and do an EVEN WORSE job of "sharing" relevant content, files, websites, video and audio to their online network of friends and business associates in a frictionless, seamless, secure way. How often do we all have to copy a link from a browser and paste it into an email or text message? Is that frictionless, seamless and secure?

Current browsers also are the increasing target of hackers, malware and other malicious criminals and governments seeking to exploit the hugh installed base of billions of people using existing browsers. And for major financial institutions, like banks, brokerage firms, asset managers and insurance companies, current browsers are not easily customized and tailored to integrate into increasingly complex platforms and workflow to meet their specific business, security, regulatory and compliance needs.

iUbble is beta testing a new type web browser that makes it easy to discover, organize, and share content via integrated secure messaging, all from within your browser. It's all extremely visual, intuitive, fast, and safe. It's available for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile and supports both iOS and Android platforms, for free.

This new browser has new features that make the process of searching, browsing, bookmarking, and sharing easy, secure and visual. For example, you can organize information by topic into "bubbles", and easily send bubbles of information to friends and business contacts without copying and pasting links into email or chat. Now you can drag your bubbles into a built-in integrated secure messenger, and recipients will get it instantly. A state of the art rendering engine, multi-process architecture, and lightweight interface makes iUbble very fast and responsive – even more so than Google Chrome.

But the coolest feature, available later this year, is the cutting-edge artificial intelligence engine that makes iUbble better as you use it with patented recommendation technology. It’s free – the beta version can be downloaded at